Daraba (Wheat) Ladoo


  • Weight: 500 grams (16 ladoos)
  • Traditional wheat-based sweet from Khandesh region of Maharashtra
  • Desirable sweetness and soft, melt-in-mouth texture
  • Contains pure ghee (clarified butter) and no Vanaspati ghee
  • Keep in a cool, dry place. Do not refrigerate
  • Long shelf life: 4 months

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The origin of the name Daraba has several theories. Some say that it was served in the Mughal court of Burhanpur and from ‘darbar’, the name ‘daraba’ was derived. Another theory is that ‘daraba’ is an off-hand term which refers to a pasty edible item, which is actually the texture of this product. A third theory is that in Kutchi language, ‘daraba’ means roasted – which is a part of the elaborate process to make this product, and hence the name. We like to believe that all 3 theories are legitimate as they all make sense! But we are also sure that this ladoo by any other name would taste as divine. Our insistence on using top quality ingredients and no-compromise ideals make sure that you get the most authentic flavors on your palate.

Made of only four ingredients (wheat, desi ghee, sugar and cardamom), this ladoo is sure to steal your heart with its melt-in-mouth texture and subtle flavours. We also hear heart-warming stories from our patrons where their kids won’t settle for anything else!

This ladoo is different from the traditional atta ladoo or rava ladoo. The laborious processing involved makes the texture extremely smooth and delicious.

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Weight 500 g