Garam Masala


  • Weight: 100 grams
  • Recommended for: Chicken, paneer, sev bhaji and much more
  • Complex spice mixture of 23 high-quality spices and chilies
  • Traditional recipe provides a unique zing to the dish
  • Ideal for vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes
  • Coarse texture. Pounded spice mix preserves original flavors
  • Shelf life: 6 months

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Every region has their own peculiar blend, which they call Garam Masala. Khandesh possibly has one of the most complex ones, with 23 ingredients including a locally grown chili, which provides not just hotness, but also a sharp, tangy flavor. This blend is native to the northern part of Khandesh, i.e. Jalgaon and Nandurbar.

The spices are pounded instead of grinding, as it helps retain flavours better and also provides a coarser texture. Our insistence on using top quality ingredients and no-compromise ideals make sure that you get the most authentic flavors on your palate.

We recommend using Khandesh’s Garam Masala for sev bhaaji, patvade and chicken. Of course, feel free to innovate! Some of dear patrons have successfully used this masala for kebabs too!

Here’s a recipe to use Khandesh’s Garam Masala like the locals to make a truly Khandeshi dish:

  1. Roast 2 chopped onions on a pan until golden brown
  2. Roast 1 cup grated dry coconut on a pan until golden brown and crisp
  1. Grind the roasted onion and dry coconut along with 1 inch of ginger, 8-10 garlic cloves, 2tsp cumin & coriander seed powder and 2 tsp Khandeshi Garam Masala and some red chili powder (optional) to make a paste.
  1. Heat 3 tsp vegetable oil (preferably filtered groundnut oil). Add the paste
  1. Fry the paste on low flame with continuous stirring. The paste tends to absorb the oil and turn dry. Continue heating further until it starts releasing oil again. This is marked by the stage where the paste stops sticking to the spatula
  1. Vegetarians: Add water and about 125g sev or 100g patvade. For Misal, boil about 250g sprouts in this mixture on slow flameNon-vegetarians: Add about 500g chicken or mutton cooked with turmeric and asaphoetida (hing) along with the broth
  1. Bring to boil until the oil (tarri) starts floating on top
  2. Serve hot with Kalna or Jowar bhakri or chapati and raw onion on the side

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